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It is essential that you support your child in keeping safe online in our ever increasing digital world. On this page are some useful links to websites for further informaiton on    e-safety, as well as some documents about supporting your child. Please take the time to read these, there is a great one about using You Tube and some useful facts and guidance form Internat Matters. Also there are copies of our E-safety posters which are up in every class and constantly referred to with the children. E-safety is something that has to constantly be revisted to ensure children are confident with how to stay safe online and deal with different sitautions. 


We have also had Google visit the school and talk to the children about their Legend Code:


The Legends’ Code
1. Think before you share

Your child learned about how quickly things can be shared online and why it’s important to only share things they’d be happy for everyone to see.
2. Protect your stuff
Your child learned what tools are available to keep their stuff safe online – passwords, privacy settings and more – and why they are so important.
3. Check it’s for real
Your child learned that not everything you see online is true and heard some tips for spotting online scams. We told your child that if they’re not sure about something, they should always check with you.
4. Respect each other
Your child heard about how important it is to treat other people the way they want to be treated online. They learned how to report bad behaviour and abuse.