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Early Bird & Night Owls

Early Birds and Night Owls


Early  Birds and Night Owls is our breakfast and afterschool clubs. Early Birds is led by Miss Sophie King and Night Owls is led by Mrs Diane Makin. 


Early Birds opens at 8.00am and breakfast is served up to 8.30am. Breakfast is usually cereal and or toast. The children engage in a range of activities supported by Miss King. The cost of Early Birds is £3.00 a session.


Night Owls is available from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. Children are given a light teas such as beans on toast, a sandwich, soup, pizza or hotdogs. They are able to select which option they would like prior to the sessions from a menu of hot and cold items. Every night, weather permitting, the children go outside for the first half an hour. Tea is served at 4:30pm. After tea there are art activites and games for them to play in the hall and in the library a DVD if they wish to watch it. The cost of Night Owls is  £7.00 a session.