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Our Curriculum


Wroxton CE Primary School Curriculum Overview


Teaching and Learning


Here at Wroxton CE Primary School we intend to provide a creative curriculum based around ensuring the children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to build up the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the future. The nature of our curriculum provides the children with the opportunity to work independently utilising the skills they have been developing to produce either an individual or group outcome on which they can reflect their overall learning. We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. We believe that our curriculum will provide lots of learning challenges throughout the academic year that will require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively across the curriculum.


To do this we use a scheme called Cornerstones. Cornerstones Curriculum is a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children. Cornerstones has a wide variety of topics which take account of the expectations of the National Curriculum. It offers flexibility to teachers and children in how it is taught and can be adapted to suit local, national and international expectations.


At the core of Cornerstones is its focus on four concepts. These are:

  • Engage – Hook the children in and get them excited. Give them a memorable experience
  • Develop – This is where skills and knowledge are developed. Writing and reading are based on the topic and so allow children to develop skills not only in literacy but in wider subject areas such as history.
  • Innovate – This is where the children use the skills and knowledge they have developed and utilise them in a given task.
  • Express – This is where children have the chance to reflect on the skills and knowledge they have developed


To find out more about these stages please click on the link through to Cornerstones website:


Cornerstones also provide a rigorous essential skills framework that outlines the end of year expectations in all subjects. These essential skills are tied to activities and are age related so that staff can track children’s progress and identify their individual learning needs.


Phonics and Reading


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 we use  Read, Write, Inc Phonics Scheme as the basis for teaching the children to read. The children will read individually, in groups or as a whole class. We use books to support phonics development as well as a range of other reading material.  We actively encourage parents to read with their children at least five times a week using reading material of your choice. The wider the range of stories that they hear the bigger impact this has on reading at a later stage. We will let parents know the sounds the children are working on so that they can help practice and rehearse at home. Please see useful links on Parent Tab for more information.


In Key Stage 2 Children have daily guided reading sessions. These are either in groups or as a whole class. Children are actively encouraged to read at least five times a week.




We currently use Jolly Grammar as our vehicle for teaching discrete grammar and spelling. This is for Years 1 – 6.




Our maths teaching is mainly taught discretely. Children are expected to use the application in other subjects such as handling data in science and geography for example. For our discrete teaching we use White Rose Maths as it allows for the development of mastery within its teaching element. There is less focus on differentiation and more on using the skills to show mastery. The scheme is tailored for both individual year groups and mixed year groups as is appropriate in smaller schools.


Religious Education


As a school we follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The Oxfordshire Diocesan  Board Education has developed the Scheme to formulate The Big Question. This enables children to think critically and to challenge and offer a variety of viewpoints.


Remote Education

During periods of self isolation or lockdown we will be using Class Dojo and Teams to deliver remote education. Login details will be given to you by your class teacher. Our remote curriculum will mirror the curriculum we will be following in school with those still attending, with some adjustments to take access to resources and the environment into account. A minimum of 3 hours remote education will be set each day - averaged out over the week to take into account our earlier finish on a Friday. Feedback will be given directly during Teams sessions. For work uploaded to Dojo written feedback will be provided. Individual remote education tasks will be set, if appropraite, for children with particular needs. If required, parents may request printer packs. 


If you would like to find out more about the curriculum please speak with a member of staff. 



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