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The Falcons

Welcome to the Falcons!


We are the Year  5 and 6 children of the school.

We have a great team working with us – Mr Hickman and Mrs Taylor, who all support us with our learning.

We work very hard in The Falcons as we are preparing to move onto our secondary schools, but we also have a great deal of fun. 

Being the eldest children in the school means we take on additional responsibilities, and do our best to lead by example, providing a positive role model for the younger children in the school.

Life in the Falcons never stops and it is just a never ending whirlwind of learning and activity!

For support with Home Learning please visit our the Support with Home Learning webpage under the parent section. Here you will find lots of links to website to support you and your child. If you visit the year group pages you will find downloadable activites.