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The Kestrels

Kestrels are year 2 and year 3 children and are taught by Mrs Ruffle and Mrs Guiness. They are supported by Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Mitchell. 


Our term 5 topic will be Raiders and Traders.


Term 5:




May Day Celebrations:

Year 2 Barbers Pole


Year 3 Ropes


Warriner Farm Trip:


Term 3:

For our innovate we created colleaborative pieces of art to reflect Banbury.





The Fireman came to talk to Year 2.


The PCSO's came to talk to us all about road safety.





Term 2:

In PE we have learnt The Haka.



Tristan Pate came and played for us.




Photos from Term 1.



Gods and Goddesses Day


Archaeological Dig   





Stone Age - testing our stones!